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Tax Settlements Miami

Tax problems with the IRS are always stressful and confusing for taxpayers. Without assistance from a qualified tax professional, it’s almost impossible to resolve them promptly and fairly. We thrive on the challenge of working with the IRS to tackle all kinds of tough tax problems for our clients. Our Doral CPA firm specializes in IRS tax problem resolution for businesses and individuals. If you have received a notice please call us today. We understand complex tax laws and rules, and we are experts at representing taxpayers when dealing the IRS. We can also help with state and local tax debts.

Our Doral CPA firm is committed to helping you find a fair solution to your tax debt issue. We will work with you to file back taxes, end wage garnishment, avoid property seizure, stop levies and liens and resolve your IRS problems. When you work with our IRS tax problem specialists we will analyze your situation and outline your options for you. We can help solve your IRS problems and end the harassing phone calls.

IRS Tax Settlement Services

We will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf so you don’t have to deal with them directly. No matter what tax problems you’re experiencing, our intervention will stop the harassing letters and phone calls while we work out a reasonable plan like an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement to pay off your tax debt. Whether you’re dealing with back taxes, wage garnishment, tax liens, payroll tax problems, or other issues, we WILL find a solution.

Filing Back Taxes

Not filing your taxes can happen for many reasons. The most important first step is to get up to date and file your back returns. Our CPA firm will work with the IRS on your behalf to resolve any past issues, file your back taxes and do all we can to minimize your back tax debt and any penalties associated with your failure to file.

The IRS will not allow you to use other tax debt relief options like an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement until your back taxes are filed. Once the back tax returns are filed we can work with the IRS to arrange alternate payment methods if you are unable to pay the balance due.

IRS Tax Liens

Never ignore a notice from the IRS – it can have very serious consequences. The IRS can place a lien on your property, house, car or wages or even go as far as seizing your property in order to collect the back taxes. Contact our Doral accounting firm immediately so we can begin to negotiate on your behalf. When you work through an accounting firm, it can show the IRS that you are trying to resolve the issue quickly.

Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishment is one of the ways the IRS uses to collect the taxes you owe. If they contact your employer they will demand that your employer send part of your wages to the IRS to cover your tax debt. If your wages have been garnished, contact our trained IRS specialists immediately. We will contact the IRS to potentially work out an arrangement to settle your debt and have the wage garnishment removed.

IRS Audit Help

If you have received a notice that you are being audited by the IRS, don’t panic – contact our experienced CPA firm immediately. As experienced tax specialists, we have the experience and expertise to deal with the IRS on your behalf. We understand their rules and are experts in negotiating the lowest possible debt settlement allowed by law.

Tax Settlement Options

Our professional CPA’s are experienced in finding solutions to all kinds of IRS tax problems. We are trusted tax professionals who will find a solution you can live with and get you back on track with your taxes. Call us now and find out how we can help you put your tax problems behind you.

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Saving Money

Many small business owners are typically unaware of what it will cost to hire even one accounting person. Aside from a salary, you would have to pay payroll taxes, benefits, purchase office supplies, make capital investments in computers/printers, buy/rent office furniture and invest in more office space.

There’s also the possibility you have might have to pay for a full-time person without enough work to keep them busy until the business grows. Oh, and don’t forget the loss of productivity you would experience when going through the hiring process. By outsourcing, you control what you spend by paying only for what you need when you need it. 

Offer in Compromise

Not everyone will qualify for an Offer in Compromise (OIC), an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS, that can help you settle your tax debt for less than what you owe. We are experienced tax professionals who have experience negotiating Offers in Compromise with the IRS. Contact us today so we can determine if your situation qualifies for this special program.

Installment Plans

When you cannot afford to pay your tax debt immediately, we can help you negotiate an Installment Agreement with the IRS. This type of payment plan option is good for those who cannot afford a lump sum payment to cover their tax debt.