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Accounting Services Needed
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As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats and take on a lot of responsibilities. In a small business, you are probably serving as President, manufacturing manager, distribution manager, training employees, finding new clients, marketing director, sales manager, administrative assistant, bookkeeper and more.

After all that work, how can you possibly find the time to spend your profits, find new profits and enjoy life?


Hialeah accounting services are available for individuals, small businesses (any industry), corporations, LLC’s, non-profit organizations, and larger businesses. 


We take the accounting/bookkeeping burden off your back so that you have time for more important things like deciding how to enjoy your profits.  

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Miami Accounting Services

What We Do

As a professional accountancy organization, we provide a full menu of accounting services. We service the greatest city of all Hialeah with an elite staff of educated, trained and highly qualified accounting professionals and administrative staffers.

We do this at a cost that is reasonable and lower than the cost related to a company keeping in-house accounting personnel. We will carefully help you prepare you or your business for the tax season which is an important and time consuming time of the year, find us when searching for accountant near me on the google search.


Services We Offer

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
  • Prepare reports and financial statements
  • Prepare business tools – Budgets/cash flows
  • Prepare payroll and file taxes on a timely basis
  • Prepare federal and state tax returns
  • Audits & Maintain records


Accounts Payable and Receivable

It’s no fun taking time out of your busy day to write checks or pay bills. Likewise, you might not always have time to record your accounts receivables and other cash receipts. If you are a cash basis business, these two tasks sit at the heart of your operation. With our accounting software and experienced bookkeeping support, we can take the burden of these tasks off your shoulders, freeing up your time to perform tasks that will create revenues. 

Maximizing Your Efficiency

We have designed our accounting & taxation services for two important reasons. First, we understand that maximizing profitability requires time and effort. If a business owner is wrapped up working on accounts payable or trying to close the monthly books, they will hardly have time to innovate and keep the organization moving forward. We can remove that burden, which translates to allowing our business owners more time to do what they do best, run their business. 

Keeping You Compliant

Second, our role as professional accountants/bookkeepers is to make sure our clients are compliant with the rules and regulations set forth by federal and state government agencies. It’s this unique level of expertise that helps businesses stay in good standing at all times.  As a business owner, the question you need to consider is not “Can I afford to outsource my accounting/bookkeeping needs?” The question you need to consider is, “Can I afford not to outsource my accounting/bookkeeping needs?” We would be proud to serve as your professional accounting department. For a quote and more information about our professional service, please call us at your earliest convenience. Remember, time is money!​


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Reports/Financial Statements

As a successful business owner, you need an occasional “snapshot” of how your business is performing. The preparation of accurate and timely reports and financial statements is time-consuming but extremely important.

Our professional accountants will work closely with you to determine what kind of reporting will give you the information you will need to guide your decision-making. Once deadlines are determined, we will meet those deadlines. It’s important to remember you will likely encounter third parties who need information from you so they too can make decisions related to your business operations. 

Business Tools

Budgeting/Cash Flow

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s difficult to make consistent business decisions if you’re not sure where you want to the business to go. For that reason, business professional use certain business tools to help navigate the business from one year to the next.

Our accounting firm believes it is important to provide extra value to our clients. We can work together to help you develop budgets and cash flow tools that you’ll likely keep at your fingertips to help you with most any business decisions you’ll ever make. 


Payroll Services

There’s isn’t any accounting task that’s more time-sensitive than paying employees and preparing payroll tax payments/returns. As a professional accountancy organization, we are very attuned to the regulations and deadlines related to payroll.

It’s not always convenient for someone to drop what they are doing to calculate wages, prepare payroll checks, submit weekly/semi-monthly/monthly tax payments and file annual tax documents. Our staff members have the time to handle these tasks on your behalf. We will do so accurately, timely and correctly.


Federal/State Tax Returns

Tax codes are not written for common people to easily understand. You need an expert to help you properly file your federal and state tax returns for three important reasons. We can help you save a lot of time you can otherwise use to run your business.

Our tax preparation experts have the knowledge necessary to make sure you get every legal tax deduction your business deserves. Finally, we have mechanisms in place to make sure your returns are accurate and filed on time. 

Other Services

Audits/Record Keeping

As a full-service accountancy group, we are sensitive to a client’s special needs our team of accountants are extremely reliable. If you have been maintaining your own accounting records, there may come a time when certain third parties will require an audit opinion from an independent accountant. We can perform compliance and discovery audits of your records, financial statements, and payroll/federal/state tax returns. 

At all times, we will maintain all of the records necessary to perform the accounting duties you have entrusted to us. These records will be kept safe, secure and confidential in accordance with industry standards.